Small Appliance Disposal & Recycling

E360S uses small appliance disposal as an opportunity to ensure this material is treated with respect. We prioritize a sustainable approach to small appliance recycling and processing. We save appliances from the landfill by diverting these materials to supply chains that can reuse them.

From local donation sites to recycling facilities, our efforts help to keep these appliances from hitting the landfills, where they are left to decrease in value. If you have appliances that need to be moved, thrown out, and hauled away, contact E360S today.

What Small Appliances Do You Accept?

Ideally, any small appliance you want to dispose of should be clean with no food or liquid waste attached. With the E360S small appliance recycling program, we have done our best to be accepting of many appliances. We know these items don’t last forever and they need some place to go. When you need to get rid of your appliances, consider how E360S can help.

Although this isn’t a complete list by any means, we accept hundreds of different items in our small appliance recycling program. For kitchen appliances, we accept coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and blenders. For bathroom appliances, we can accept hair dryers, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, and bathroom scales. For gym equipment, we are open to accepting treadmills, cycling machines, and elliptical machines.

We also accept a variety of small cleaning appliances, which include vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and floor polishers. Our list of acceptable items extends to laundry appliances, such as clothing irons and sewing machines. In addition, we can accept an assortment of general appliances around the house, including portable heaters and fans, humidifiers, air fresheners, clocks, airbrushes, air pumps, drills, and band saws.

Do You Donate or Recycle Small Appliances?

Any small appliances we receive, we evaluate them for donation or disposal via recycling. If a small appliance is still in working condition, local charity organizations may have a use for it. If not, the items are subjected to our small appliance disposal and recycling program, where metal and chemical components are removed. Subsequently, they are put into the recommended supply chains.

Every year, roughly a tenth of all steel recycled in Canada comes from home appliances. This is in addition to the computer chips that contain gold and other components, wires coated in copper, and various other materials on these small appliances. These materials should not be irresponsibly handled and sent out to the landfills. E360S will ensure your small appliance disposal is carefully managed and sensibly recycled.

Contact E360S to arrange small appliance recycling and pickup. Just let us know the best time and location!