Styrofoam Disposal & Recycling

Styrofoam is a notoriously difficult waste material to handle. The material is capable of being recycled, but it requires specialized equipment to do so. For this reason, it is banned from most commercial and municipal recycling operations in Canada.

Fortunately, you can still recycle Styrofoam. Through the E360S Styrofoam disposal program, we facilitate easy recycling of this tough-to-handle material. We have the equipment and resources to recover the value in Styrofoam, along with other waste materials.

We handle Styrofoam disposal in a similar way to wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, or aluminum materials. In processing, we sort, prepare, and send out Styrofoam for market or future use as a recycled material.

Why Recycle Styrofoam?

A close look at Styrofoam reveals a lot of issues with it as a recyclable material. Styrofoam is comprised of 95% air, which means it isn’t cost-effective to collect, store, or process for most municipal waste management and recycling initiatives. The material takes up more space in recycling bins than it is largely worth.

In addition to its highly dense nature, a lot of Styrofoam has been contaminated. Since Styrofoam is often used in food packaging, you will frequently find foods or liquids sunken into the material. Due to how porous Styrofoam can be, it is a tremendously difficult material to clean. Even more energy is required to process it for disposal.

Nonetheless, we recycle Styrofoam because it is a very handy material. Styrofoam can be used in insulation, as a packing material, and for various other purposes. With our Styrofoam recycling program, you can keep this material from being disposed in municipal landfills or through incineration. Recycling is a far more environmentally friendly method of disposing Styrofoam products.

Choose E360S For Your Styrofoam Recycling

As the recycling industry continues to develop, more Styrofoam is being recycled today compared to a decade ago. It is our hope that Styrofoam recycling programs like ours will further prove there is a market to recycle traditionally non-recyclable materials.

On average, less than 4% of Canada’s Styrofoam containers and packaging are recycled. There is still a lot of room for improvement, so let’s work together to improve this Styrofoam recycling trend for future generations.

If you routinely produce a lot of Styrofoam waste or require a one-time Styrofoam disposal, speak with an E360S representative today to discuss next steps. Don’t allow this material to pollute waterways and get buried in our landfills. We can help.