Industrial Waste Management & Cleaning Systems

Cleaning Services

Sewer Flushing and Line Flushing

​Top-to-bottom cleaning of manholes, underground pipes and lift stations—often in confined spaces

Fleet Wash

​​​High-powered cleaning of large excavators, tractors and other heavy equipment in remote areas


Vacuuming/filtration of toxic dust and sediment from inside mines, mills etc. ​

Underground Services

High-pressure cleaning and flushing of underground mines, mills etc.​

Dry Ice Cleaning/Blasting

For things that cannot be cleaned with water (e.g., electric pumps)​

Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning

Safe, time-efficient robotic high-pressure water jetting (20,000 lb of water pressure) of cement truck drums

Mobile Vacuum Unit

Removal of spills and hazardous liquids in remote areas and near water

Water Delivery

​On-site delivery of water tanks for all kinds of needs, from remediation to fire training


Portable washroom/wash cars

Single and self-contained units with hot water, sink and flushing toilet. Luxury units (with air conditioning) and wash cars also available. Ideal for construction sites, remote work sites, and events

Mobile Offices

For commercial work in remote or construction areas

Fence Rentals

Durable, modular secure, steel temporary fence panels are ideal for construction projects and special events. Our temporary fence panels can be installed on any terrain by our reliable, trained and courteous staff wherever and whenever you need a temporary fence rental.