Concrete Mixer & Cement Truck Drum Cleaning Services

Safe, time-efficient robotic high-pressure washing of cement truck drums is here. Don’t let dead concrete ruin your drum. Blast it away!
Our top-quality industry-leading equipment makes cleaning a concrete mixer faster and more thorough than ever before. By using E360S equipment, you ensure your drum cleaning is done safely and with less risk of damage to tanks.

Why Robotic High-Pressure Washing is Better

Worker-guided jackhammers have long been used to clear away hardened concrete. Unfortunately, in cement truck drums, this proves to be a dangerous method of doing things.

When chipping off concrete, big chunks can break apart and fall off, causing potential injuries. Also, the jackhammering can permanently dent the mixer drum. Many of these unnecessary risks can be avoided when you use a jet for your drum cleaning.

High-pressure jet washing comes with many safety benefits over jackhammering. When you clean a concrete mixer with a high-pressure jet, you minimize worker exposure to silica dust. This type of dust is associated with certain lung diseases, and it can be avoided with the switch to high-pressure jet washing.

How Often to Schedule Concrete Mixer Drum Cleaning

The average concrete mixer truck requires a drum cleaning every four to five months. Some companies prefer to clean the drums more often as less buildup means less gas mileage.

When you hire the E360S team to clean out your cement truck drums, our highly skilled technicians can get the job done in approximately 60 minutes. This cuts down the time it would normally take to jackhammer concrete inside and out by around half.

Less downtime means you get your concrete mixer cleaned and prepped quickly, making it ready to run on that same day. Once the cleaning is complete, you may indicate to us where you wish for the waste concrete to be dumped.

Maintain Your Cement Trucks with Fresh, Hardened Concrete Cleaning

At the end of a typical workday, up to 600 pounds of concrete may be stuck to the inside of the average 10-cubic yard truck mixer. If it isn’t cleaned properly in time, the concrete will harden and accumulate.

We can help with your concrete cleaning. The E360S team takes every safety precaution possible with our cleaning processes. Using high-efficiency equipment, we can remove the built-up concrete and get your mixer back to looking spotless.

Schedule concrete mixer cleaning from the experts. Speak with a representative at E360S today.