Cardboard Recycling Solutions

Recycling is an important component of E360S’ commitment to the environment. We provide customers with the commercial cardboard recycling resources to meet all requirements for this type of recoverable waste.

Benefits of Cardboard Recycling

To reduce the waste in our landfills and ensure that reusable resources such as cardboard aren’t wasted, recycling programs are key. When we use a recycling material, we save energy and natural resources while reducing pollution. Cardboard can be recycled often due to the strong fibres in it. By recycling cardboard, we help to save trees, water, and electricity. We can also reduce the carbon emissions generated by businesses. As a raw material, cardboard is particularly problematic. The pulp contributes to sulfur dioxide production, which in turn produces acid rain. Switching to commercial cardboard recycling bins can reduce the amount of cardboard pollution significantly. The long and strong paper fibres in corrugated boxes can be reformed again and again. This marks a huge opportunity for small businesses and corporations with high cardboard use.

Recycle Your Cardboard

Cardboard recycling is one of the easiest ways for a small business to start minimizing their environmental impact. Did you know that recycling just 1 tonne of cardboard can save up to 17 trees? Now, think about how much cardboard comes through your doors every year. You are likely using a lot of cardboard, all of which can be recycled. If you aren’t already set up with commercial recycling services for your cardboard, do so today. You can arrange commercial recycling collection for your office, which ensures all qualifying materials, including cardboard and paper, are properly managed. These items will be collected, sorted, and prepared for market or future use as a recycling material.

Helping Small Businesses Increase Their Recycling Numbers

Recycling should be a part of every business. Since cardboard is a material that we all use, your contributions will have a profound impact on the environment. Plus, recycling initiatives are easy to implement. Any business can begin commercial recycling collection with minimal set-up time required. E360S is your trusted partner in commercial cardboard recycling. Our services give your customers the reassurance that you’re taking the steps you need to reduce waste. Make a positive contribution to our local community by minimizing the trash that goes to our landfills. Speak with an E360S representative today about how we can help with your commercial cardboard recycling commitment.