Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning Services

Some things cannot be cleaned with water, such as electric pumps. In these situations, dry ice blasting is common. E360S uses dry ice cleaning as an efficient alternative to abrasive blasting, soda blasting, pressure-washing, and using solvents or chemicals.

Dry ice blasting is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to conduct a cleaning. In fact, dry ice blasting is often the preferred choice when you need an ecofriendly method of cleaning.

How Does Dry Ice Cleaning Work?

Dry ice blasting works by using dry ice particles in a controlled setting to thoroughly clean surfaces. The tiny ice pellets target the top layer of the surface, which absorbs the heat from the warmer surface below. This causes the dry ice to turn into carbon dioxide gas and expands. Eventually, the outer layer loosens and detaches itself.

This method of dry ice cleaning is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace and aviation, as well as transportation. In commercial settings, it is popular for food and beverage production, medical device production, packaging, printing, and textiles. In industrial processes, dry ice cleaning may be used for mining, oil and gas, power generation, contract cleaning, along with plastics and composites.

Common applications of dry ice blasting include adhesive removal, corrosion removal, historic restoration, parts finishing, and surface preparation. This method is also used for cleaning mould, composite tools, weld lines, and general pieces of equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting?

There are unique benefits to dry ice cleaning, making it an essential technique for numerous businesses. A quicker cleaning process means there will be increased production and less downtime.

The faster process also means no cool-down or disassembly is required. No secondary waste streams, residue, or moisture will be left behind. You also won’t need chemicals or repetitive, labour-intensive processes for this method of cleaning.

Dry ice blasting has environmental benefits as well. Dry ice is made of reclaimed CO2, which is a form of recycling and does not add additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It is non-toxic, non-conductive, and non-abrasive.

Is Dry Ice Cleaning Right For My Business?

Dry ice technology is the modern approach to traditional methods of commercial and industrial cleaning. Its superior benefits can help businesses expedite their cleaning processes. Along with our advanced dry ice blasting technology, E360S brings many years of experience and expertise with our versatile cleaning solutions.

If you haven’t used dry ice blasting before and aren’t sure where to start, speak with an E360S representative. We’re here to help, answer questions, and offer an estimate on cost.