Dryvac Excavation Services

Our comprehensive dryvac services use the latest innovations in safe-digging technology. No water is required or involved as part of these dryvac operations.

E360S uses air flow to safely remove, excavate, and extract materials. Our versatile dryvac excavation services can be used for a wide range of industries.

How Dryvac Excavation Services Work

In our dryvac excavation processes, high-pressure air is used to break up dirt and any other materials in its way. Then, the material is vacuumed into one of our trucks via a hose. It can be disposed of on-site or at a designated disposal site of your choosing.

Impressively, there is no water involved. This is a completely dry process, which is advantageous when dealing with high-risk sediments. It is also beneficial for the vacuuming and filtration of toxic dust.

What Applications Use Dryvac Services?

At E360S, our dryvac services have been hired for a wide variety of applications. In utility and engineering, dryvac excavation is an ideal method of exposing buried utilities. This method can also aid in electrical underground fault repair.

In roadworks, our dryvac services can clean accident debris, tunnels, pits, marginal areas, and road inlets. On rail, dryvac is used for ballast removal or cleaning, undercutting, groundwater removal, and spill cleanups.

Industrial sites prefer dryvac services over other methods in treating or vacuuming contaminated soil. Dryvac excavation can be used to uncover underground tanks and assist with non-hazardous emergency spill cleanup. This method is also useful for emptying boilers, bunkers, and silos.

In building construction, dryvac excavation has an array of purposes, including the removal of construction waste and the clearing of gravel on roofing. Dryvac can be used to uncover exterior or foundation walls for waterproofing, as well as empty filled tanks, ponds, and pools.

Connect with E360S for Dryvac Excavation

A dryvac excavation can solve so many issues that come with excavations. while ensuring local and federal regulations are adhered to at every turn. Dryvac excavation is best used to decontaminate an industrial or construction site. With our dryvac excavation services, we can remove problematic waste and debris, and safely excavate materials.

For standard cleaning of work surfaces and beyond, speak with an E360S representative to learn about our dryvac services.