Paper & Document Shredding Services

Confidential, private information is designed to stay that way. When handling documents and classified information, paper and document shredding services are clearly a priority.

E360S offers safe, secure mobile shredding services at your scheduled location. That’s right, you don’t come to us. We come to you with our paper shredding disposal services.

An industrial shredding truck will arrive at your business site, ensuring the complete destruction of any private or sensitive information. Protect your records and secure your information with a document shredding manager on-site.

Shred Documents with Cost-Effective Onsite Services

When you hire E360S for paper shredding disposal, we send a technician with our mobile truck. Their duty is to collect the documents and securely deposit them into the shredder. We do the whole paper shredding disposal process right in front of you, so you know exactly what is being handled and processed.

Schedule our visit in advance. We work hard to minimize disruptions and avoid interference with business operations. If necessary, our team will work around your hours to find the most convenient time.

Once the document shredding is complete, we provide a Certification of Destruction to verify the completed job. We can provide a record to satisfy any privacy policies you may have.

How Often to Arrange for Paper & Document Shredding

Even a small business can generate large volumes of confidential information on paper and in documents. To comply with your organizational policies, we can schedule routine paper shredding.

Most businesses arrange a visit every 2 to 4 weeks. However, our team can create a custom schedule according to what’s most appropriate for your business.

We offer secure on-site containers for easy collection and storage of confidential documents. These bins can be used in between pick-up times, so that you can be assured your documents aren’t exposed to security risks. All containers are secured by lock and key, with the keys only available to authorized personnel and on request.

Choose E360S for Your Paper Shredding Services

At E360S, our environmentally friendly, cost-effective document destruction services keep your information secure. After your documents are shredded, we enter them into our shredded paper recycling system. From there, they are processed into the recycling supply chain, minimizing any waste output from the operations.

Safely dispose of confidential information with our document shredding and shredded paper recycling services. An E360S representative is happy to discuss further details!