Scrap Metal Recycling

Accepting ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, E360S provides several options on how to get rid of scrap metal. Through our recycling systems, we can help a residential, commercial, industrial, or construction site maximize their waste diversion numbers and repurpose valuable metals. For any party that routinely creates metal waste, scrap metal recycling is a valuable and important commitment. At E360S, we can provide help with our scrap metal pickup, recycling, and salvaging program.

What Kind of Metal Do You Accept in Recycling?

E360S accepts several different types of metals. Ferrous metals – such as steel, cast iron, and stainless steel – are very recyclable. The list of recyclable items also includes cars and automobiles, stoves, microwaves, household appliances, and rotors. By ensuring these materials stay out from our landfills, we can save a ton of damage on the planet. Non-ferrous metals – such as copper, brass, aluminum, tungsten carbide, lead, and nickel – are also accepted in our scrap metal recycling program. We also accept cables, transformers, batteries, molybdenum, copper content items, and catalytic converters. If you have concerns about a specific type of metal, mention it to an E360S representative. We will gladly verify if this item can be accepted into our scrap metal recycling program. In almost all cases, the answer is yes!

How E360S Does Scrap Metal Recycling

Once the metal is in our possession, we begin the separation and processing of materials, in which anything non-recyclable is eliminated. Metals are divided according to category before being processed into their respective recycling processes. As metal goes through the recycling chain, it is converted and reformatted into pliable material, which is then purposed for a wide variety of products. A lot of metals are considered high-value recyclables, because they maintain their structural integrity and can be recycled again without much degradation in the metal quality. They are similar to glass in this way. Metal isn’t a material we want to be throwing away. We conserve energy and natural resources in scrap metal recycling. We also reduce greenhouse gas emission from production. With our scrap metal recycling program, E360S encourages a zero-waste society by minimizing the overall waste from industrial, commercial, and residential sites. E360S can help with the high-quality scrap metal recycling for copper, aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, and more. Contact an E360S representative today.